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    Biomass energy companies to accelerate business development

    Biomass energy listed companies have recently delivered transcripts. Among them, Katie ecological 2015 net profit growth of more than 4, Changqing group net profit increase of more than 70%. Analysts pointed out that, in accordance with the relevant planning requirements, the future of China will accelerate the development of biomass energy, improve biomass power generation support policies. In this context, the listed companies will increase the intensity of business development.
    Industry leading performance greatly increased
    Katie ecology last year to achieve revenue of RMB yuan, down 12.89%, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company of $, an increase of 40.59%. This is the first annual report released by the company after the injection of biomass power generation project.
    As of the end of 2015, Kaidi ecology has been in 13 provinces of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Henan, Jilin, Guangxi to build biomass power plant, under the jurisdiction has been operating for biomass power plant a total of 36, has total installed capacity of biomass unit in operation of 10.32 million kilowatts, become the widest nationwide scale is biggest, the layout of the biomass power generation enterprises.
    Evergreen Group 2015 to achieve operating income 160073.84 million yuan, 15.53% year-on-year growth; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit 10962.90 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 74.60%. Owned by the company and has been put into operation of biomass power generation projects have 5. Among them, the Zhongshan environmental protection, Yishui environment-friendly sustained profitability; Mingshui and environmental protection to achieve profitability; Ning an environmental protection after nearly a year of operation, profit steadily; only a quarter of Yutai environment-friendly built and put into operation profit.
    Evergreen Group on April 27 announcement said the company in Songyuan Ningjiang district of investment in the construction of biomass power generation project has reached a framework agreement, the total investment of the project is 3.5 billion yuan, investment and construction to the local agricultural straw, forestry waste, agricultural products processing waste as the main raw materials of biomass power generation project.
    In addition, Shaoneng shares have installed capacity of electric power 97.221 million kilowatts, the clean and renewable energy 73.221 million kilowatts including 67.221 million kilowatts of hydropower and 6 million kilowatts of biomass power generation. Because last year hydropower station belongs to the area of the hydrologic regime is better, hydropower operations of the company's net profit of 2.95 billion yuan, an increase of 27.3%, has become the main reason for performance boost growth.
    Policy power industry development
    The excellent performance at the same time, Kaidi ecological said that the next five years, the company will increase investment, to further expand the scale of the project landing. The Evergreen Group, reserve the Shandong juancheng, Tancheng, Jiaxiang, Zhongxian County, Liaoning Tieling quality biomass energy projects, development aftereffect sufficient.
    Analysts pointed out that air pollution to promote the development of atmospheric governance. Last year began to set extremely strict emissions standards for coal-fired boilers, and put forward to ban small boilers, to encourage the replacement of cogeneration and other policies, the heating mode will also be transformed from a decentralized heating to a centralized heating. As expected in the next period of time the biomass industry and cogeneration industry has good prospects for development, the company will continue to increase the development of biomass power generation and cogeneration projects. In addition, the renewable energy and long-term development plan "has been clear about the target for the development of biomass industry, power generation by 2020 installed capacity of 30 million kilowatts, the agriculture and forestry biomass power generation installed 24 million kilowatts, garbage power generation installed capacity of 300 million kilowatts. By this measure, it is expected that the future of biomass industry still maintained about 20% growth rate, the formation of billions of dollars of investment space.

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