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    Feed equipment
    This series of Pellet Mills are used for making Feed Pellets.
    1.With the high quality gear transmission, optimized bearings, SKF or NSK, our pellet mill output is increased by 20% or higher and more efficient and steady driving with low noise.
    2.The full stainless steel strengthening feed conditioner, adopts the frequency-conversion controler to guarantee the quality of pellets.
    3.Our ring dies are made by Germany automatic gun drills and American stainless steel blank moulds, ensuring smooth pelletizing, similar pelletizing length, better appearance, longer service life, and  more hygienic.
    4.The international advanced flexible compensation-type coupling is of novel and compact structure, safety, low noise and less trouble.
    5.Permanent magnet devices of high performance removes more impurities.
    6.Adopting international advanced pipeline system and steam pressure regulators to adjust the moisture and temperature of materials.
    7.Pellet mills with conditioners up to three layers can be customized for high quality poultry, livestock and aquatic feeds.
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